The CSBC holds both one day Cold Water Workshops and two day Instructor Courses at various locations across Canada.

The instructor course will qualify those who are currently involved in marine rescue and response on how to teach first responders to properly deal with hypothermic victims. Either Dr Gordon Giesbrecht, (aka Professor popsicle), Professor of Thermophysiology at the University of Manitoba or another trained professional, will take the instructor/students through a two day course to provide them with the information and knowledge necessary to help first responders understand the important issue and to better prepare them to deal with hypothermic victims. Course materials including an instructor handbook and powerpoint presentations to be used for subsequent Cold Water Workshop is included.

2 Day Course
Cost is $400 for the two-day course and includes lunches and breaks.

1 Day Course
Cost is $185 for the one-day course

Space is limited for the Cold Water Instructor Course and the Cold Water Workshop.

* Please note that courses will be presented in English

Upcoming Instructor Workshops to be announced




For more information on additional courses, please contact Ian Gilson at 905-387-5135 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.