CSBC symposium 2023

2023 Annual Symposium

St. John's, NL / September 2023

With the successful 2022 CSBC Symposium behind us, it is time to start thinking about the next Symposium. Plan to come in September to the Delta Hotel in St. John’s. St. John’s offers a welcoming atmosphere, combined with picturesque scenery, stunning architecture and vibrant marine life. Originally home to indigenous peoples, with rich offshore fishing grounds that attracted European merchants and settlers, St John’s grew up around the harbour, and signs of this historic past are evident as you stroll the downtown streets and explore its vibrant nightlife and musical traditions. Offshore resource exploration and development, the growth of marine-related industries, world-class research and educational institutions and the contribution of immigrants and visitors from many countries have created the exciting city that welcomes you today. Join us in St John's to experience a city like no other!

Participant testimonials demonstrate that CSBC Symposiums consistently hit the high water mark

"Excellent opportunity to gather new knowledge to share with others"

"Thanks so much for this very informative presentation!"

"Fantastic networking opportunities with people from across Canada and overseas"

Join us in St. John's this year for a great learning experience that will include:

  • Professional development and learning for boating safety enthusiasts
  • International connections that share their successful programs
  • Connecting with boating safety organizations to exchange information and resources
  • Excellent networking opportunities

Date: September 26 - 28, 2023

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If you live, work or recreate on, in or around cold water, we have a unique opportunity you won’t want to miss!  Immediately prior to the Symposium, the CSBC will be hosting in-person Cold Water Workshops on September 24th (& 25th) teaching participants everything they need to know about the dangers of cold water immersion and hypothermia. It will also cover self-rescue techniques as well as how to help other potentially hypothermic individuals to survive until professional help arrives.  It will be facilitated by Professor Gordon Giesbrecht of the University of Manitoba who is a world-renowned expert on hypothermia and other cold injuries. Simply click here for more information.

The CSBC looks forward to welcoming you in St. John's in September 2023!

PowerPoint Presentations from the 2022 CSBC Symposium available for download here!

5 Key Steps to Safer Boating

5 steps lifejacket

Wear Your Lifejacket

Legally you must carry one on board, appropriately sized for each passenger. But don’t just carry it, WEAR IT.

5 steps lifejacket

Boat Sober

Boating under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription narcotics, is illegal, irresponsible and potentially deadly. Leave any such substances until you return to the dock.

5 steps lifejacket

Take a Boating Course

The law requires that anyone operating a power-driven boat must have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card OR other accredited proof of competency and it must be carried on board.

5 steps lifejacket

Be Prepared - You and Your Vessel

Ensure your boat has all the required safety gear and sufficient fuel. Be sure the weather is suitable for your vessel’s capabilities.

5 steps lifejacket

Be Cold Water Safe

Cold water is a significant risk. Learn how to protect yourself.