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Toronto, ON – January 15, 2018 – The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) celebrated the 20th annual Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBA), that recognize the efforts of the public, volunteers, professionals, agencies and organizations who have distinguished themselves in the fields of boating safety and environmental stewardship. The CSBC has given out 187 Boating Safety Awards over the past 20 years.


Every year in Canada there are on average 100 boating-related deaths. The CSBC is proud to see that the long-term downward trend of drowning deaths in Canada continues. The CASBAs are an opportunity to celebrate and share incredible stories of bravery, innovation, passion and dedication around boating safety. The award winners for 2017 are:


Stearns - Rescue of the Year

BC Ferries

In recognition of the decisive actions of the Spirit of Vancouver Island to deploy a skilled rescue crew, ultimately saving six lives.


Top Volunteer Dedicated to Boating Safety

Carolyn Reid

In recognition of her commitment and dedication to advancing boating education throughout Canada.


Marine Professional of the Year

Arlene Christiansen & Alan Connelly

Their efforts ensure the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina experience is one of a safe, respectful and sustainable boating lifestyle.


Visible PFD Wear in Advertising

Angelo Viola

In recognition of his advocacy for PFD wear and commitment to feature them in all his endeavours.


Best Boating Safety Initiative

ICOM Canada & Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons

For promoting boating safety through the creation of the VHF DSC Simulator in support of training across Canada.


Best Media Contribution to Boating Safety

Lorne Edwards

In recognition of his focused efforts and success in promoting boating safety practices.


Marine Industry

Canada Rope & Twine

For providing a lifeline to boaters through the development and creation of the Night Saver Rope.


Special Recognition

Rob Patterson

For his unwavering commitment to delivering relevant and respectful boating safety education in the Canada’s north.


Special Recognition

Carl Wolfe

For his tireless efforts instilling a boating safety culture in remote northern communities.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Karen Harrington

For her dedication to improving boating safety through 30 years of service as the OPP Provincial marine co-ordinator and Marine Spokesperson.

The CASBA Gala is made possible thanks to the support of our amazing sponsors and volunteers who are committed to the promotion of boating safety and environmental awareness.



"The CASBA gala is a wonderful event that recognizes those who have risen to the challenge of making boating a better experience for all Canadians. This year was especially notable as we hosted our twentieth gala. I’d like to congratulate all the award recipients for their incredible contribution to making 2017 a great boating year."

John Gullick

Chair, Canadian Safe Boating Council


About Canadian Safe Boating Council:

The Canadian Safe Boating Council was organized in 1991 to improve communications regarding safe boating issues between government departments and agencies servicing recreational boaters' interests and private companies and organizations in the recreational boating field. CSBC’s mission is to reduce the incidence of deaths that occur as a result of boating activities. Through partnerships with government, water safety organizations and the boating industry, we are able to provide significant boating safety outreach to various boating communities across Canada.

To sponsor or become a member:

CSBC is the perfect forum to join other boating and water safety advocates in sharing ideas and carrying the message of safety and responsible boating to Canadian boaters. Your membership will help maintain and grow CSBC events and activities, like the Safe Boating Awareness Week Campaign, the Annual Symposium, Cold Water Awareness programs, and the Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs). As member of CSBC you are recognized as a supporter of safe boating in Canada and can be confident in knowing that You Can Help Make a Difference. Please visit:

Media Contact Mike Dean – CSBC Board of Directors

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Les 5 étapes clés à la sécurité nautique

5 steps lifejacket

Portez votre gilet de sauvetage

Selon la loi, vous devez avoir un gilet de sauvetage à bord pour chaque passager, d'une taille appropriée à chacun, mais il ne suffit pas de l'avoir à bord: PORTEZ-LE!

5 steps lifejacket

Navigation et sobriété

La navigation sous l’influence de l’alcool, de drogues récréatives ou de narcotiques sous prescription est illégale, irresponsable et peut même être mortelle. N’en faites pas usage tant que vous n’êtes pas de retour au quai.

5 steps lifejacket

Suivez une cours de navigation

La date finale pour obtenir votre carte de conducteur d'embarcation de plaisance est le 15 septembre 2009. Obtenez la vôtre avant la date limite!

5 steps lifejacket

Soyez prêt

Assurez-vous que votre bateau ait tous les équipments de sécurité exigés et assez d'essence. En outre, soyez certain que le temps qu'il fait est approprié aux capacités de votre embarcation.

5 steps lifejacket

Les risques de l'eau froide

L'eau froide pose un resque considérable. Apprenez à vous protéger.