safe boating awareness week

Our volunteers are the backbone of Safe Boating Awareness Week! It was only through your efforts that, in 2023, we were able to deliver our safe boating messages across the country through over 100 MILLION media impressions across television, radio and newspapers. Even more importantly, your volunteer efforts are saving lives. The Lifesaving Society’s 2019 National Drowning Report indicates that the most recent boating-related drownings (2012-2016) were down 27% from the previous 5 years (2007-2011).

As a volunteer you will have three specific missions:

  • To participate in interviews with the media as they come through our National outreach efforts.
  • To solicit the support and involvement of your own local media through outreach to cable television stations, radio and newspapers in your area to have them use the materials and your talent and knowledge as a boating safety specialist in your local area.
  • Include the campaign materials available on the CSBC website in your organization’s communications with members, customers and the general public.

We’ve got great new Radio PSAs, updated TV PSAs, timely articles, magazine ads and more this year that will allow us to reach out to our fellow Canadian boaters both directly and through the media. Check them out by going to the Materials Section of this site.

It’s easy to become a Safe Boating Awareness Week Volunteer and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.

We urge you to get involved with Safe Boating Awareness Week. Register right now as a 2024 campaign volunteer by sending an email with your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or contact Ian Gilson by telephone at 905-719-5152. Together we can make the start of this boating season meaningful and fun while promoting boating safety.