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The CSBC have created two Cold Water Boot projects to help better inform Canadians about the risks of accidental cold water immersion and to provide information to first responders to better manage severely hypothermic victims.

Cold Water Boot Camp

Most of the water in Canada is cold year round. It's cold water that is a major contributor to recreational drowning deaths year after year. In Cold Water Boot Camp, nine boot camp volunteers offered to 'jump in with both feet' and experience first hand what happens in 6 degree C water. Through them you will witness the real-life effects of the Cold Shock Response, Cold Incapacitation and Hypothermia.

On the Cold Water Boot Camp DVD, you can:

  • VIEW - video clips of boot campers' immersions where they will take you into the water with them

  • JOIN - Dr Gordon Giesbrecht, (Professor Popsicle) in the classroom to learn about his 1-10-1 formula for survival in cold water

  • DISCOVER - information on Lifejackets...your first line of defense against cold water immersion

  • LEARN - about the medical and physical data related to cold water accumulated by researchers, agencies and the Coast Guard from across the country

Check out the CSBC Cold Water Boot Camp web site where most of the materials are available for download at no charge.

Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp

It all started with Cold Water Boot Camp. Now there is Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp designed to provide advanced training for First Responders and boating safety Educators to help prevent the needles fatalities associated with cold water rescue and circum-rescue collapse.

Educators, you have a vital role to play:

In your class, not only will you be teaching someone how to save their own life, you may be teaching the next “accidental first responder” how to save someone else’s life, too. That’s why Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp is designed to give Educators the tools you need to make your message count.

For First Responders:

The frigid waters of Lake Ontario became the stage for an advanced training event, called Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp. The training focused on the dangers of Circum-rescue Collapse, a little-known phenomenon that complicates every cold water rescue. Too often, victims rescued from cold water actually collapse and die even when rescue is imminent, underway, or after the rescue itself. However, once on the scene, there is an essential factor that can significantly minimize the probability of Circum-rescue Collapse: and you will learn about it in Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp.

Or check Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp on line where most than just the videos are available for download at no charge.