safe boating awareness week

The risk of cold water immersion is one of the 5 key messages for the SBAW campaign and a message that has been strongly received by boaters, educators and the marine industry alike. In 2008, the CSBC in partnership with National Search and Rescue Secretariat, Transport Canada and others created the Cold Water Boot Camp program and it is now available for water safety outreach this year.

Cold Water Boot Camp focuses on the 1-10-1 principle created by Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht and highlights the 3 main effects of cold water immersion. The 1-10-1 brochure outlining those effects along with the 5 key safe boating messages on the other side is available for download from the SBAW web pages.

To see and hear the boot camp volunteers' personal cold water experiences and learn more about protecting yourself in an accidental cold water immersion check out the Cold Water Boot Camp web site

Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp

Would you know what to do if you came upon a potentially hypothermic victim in the water? Professional rescue resources aren't always immediately available to provide assistance. In 2010, the CSBC, in partnership with the National Search and Rescue Secretariat, Transport Canada and others, created "Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp". Its purpose is to provide knowledge as to the skills and techniques required for professional and lay first responders alike to extract, transport, diagnose and treat victims exposed to cold water.

To learn more about these specific techniques and to gain knowledge as to the effectiveness of specific thermal protective clothing and equipment, check out the Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp site at