Saved by the Jacket

  Reg Buxton and his family decided to try something new for their traditional family vacation. They chartered a 35 foot Trawler for a cruise along British Columbia’s inside channel. Reg ensured that his 3 young children wore their lifejackets and it was lucky he did. While operating the vessel from the bridge, unbeknownst to Reg, one of the children had fallen overboard. This video outlines the steps Reg took in order to report his missing son and the critical importance of the lifejacket, without which his son likely would not have survived. 
  Brendan D’Arcy and his son, Ciaran went out for a day of sailing. Although Brendan was a weak swimmer he did not wear his lifejacket, but ensured that his young son did. The sailboat was upset by passing motor boats and both ended up in the water. If it were not for the heroic actions of others, Brendan D’Arcy would have drowned. Hear in his own words how this experience has forever changed Brendan’s attitude of wearing a lifejacket.
  Amanda Kimpinski, no stranger to tubing on the rivers of Manitoba with her Uncle, was not expecting to be a fourteen year old hero on a warm, calm August day. Hear Amanda’s heroic story of how she and her lifejacket saved her concussed uncle from drowning after a boat wave knocked him out of the boat.
  John Marczyk did not expect to end up in the winter waters of British Columbia. But he did and spent over an hour in the pitch black before he was rescued just off Vancouver Island. Hear how his decision to buy an appropriate lifejacket, well suited for the environment he boats in, played an important role in saving his life.  
  Lauren Holman and his son Jason ventured out onto Knit Knat Lake on the west side of Vancouver Island for a day of fishing. Although this world famous tidal lake can look calm, the tremendous current in the cut where the lake meets the ocean can create strong rips and waves that reach several meters high. Lauren and Jason found themselves helpless to the waves just outside the cut, and ended up in the water. This video displays the courage of Tom Walton and Max McDual, two local fishing guides, who braved the conditions to rescue Lauren and Jason. It also demonstrates the value of the lifejackets that Holman and his son were wearing that allowed them the time to be spotted and rescued.