2016 Annual Symposium

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories / September 22 – 24, 2016

The Canadian Safe Boating Council is taking the 2016 Symposium north to Yellowknife. This will provide the opportunity to explore and discuss boating safety issues facing those who live in the real Great White North.

The CSBC Symposium summons boating safety enthusiasts from across Canada and internationally at The Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Attendees include government policy makers, not for profit organizations, marine law enforcement, first responders, boating safety educators, course providers, marina operators, volunteers, marine manufacturers and more.                                

Participant testimonials demonstrate that CSBC Symposiums consistently hit the high water mark

  • "Excellent opportunity to gather new knowledge to share with others"
  • "Open forum sessions allow for everyone’s input from all facets of safety"
  • "Fantastic networking opportunities with people from across Canada and overseas" 

Join us in Yellowknife, this year for a great learning experience that will include

  • Professional development and learning for boating safety enthusiasts
  • International connections that share their successful programs
  • Connecting with boating safety organizations to exchange information and resources
  • Excellent networking opportunities


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Yellowknife is a unique urban outpost of a town that has all the modern amenities of a large city in the middle of a vast subarctic wilderness. Within minutes you can escape the bustle of “downtown” to be in the midst of nature trails, lakes, and waterfalls where you can experience an abundance of wildlife and adventure.

Come a little early or stay a little longer and take the time to explore Yellowknife above and beyond the Symposium. It will be an experience you’ll never forget!

The CSBC looks forward to welcoming you in Yellowknife this September 2016!

To learn more about Yellowknife, visit: yellowknife.ca

To Learn more about Northwest Territories, visit: spectacularnwt.com

To learn more about The Explorer Hotel, visit: explorerhotel.ca

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